GTA Vice City


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Genres: Action/Adventure

Developer/Publisher: Rockstar Games.

Languages: RUS/ENG

Original Size: 1.5 GB

Repack Size: 1 GB

About The Game:

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City recreates the experience of an urban environment that takes place in the eighties and represents a created city based on Miami. The game transports players to a very detailed open-world setup, full of fun characters, multiple neighbourhoods, and most importantly the old school feel. From sandy beaches and tropical avenues to the hot downtown and danger streets, it is a complete Vice City. To complement the nostalgic setting, the game’s playlist comprises of songs from the 80s making every trip in a car or shootouts look and feel like scenes from some vintage crime drama. You can also download GTA V Free Download.

The storyline of the GTA Vice City hinges on the protagonist Tommy Vercetti, an ex-mobster with recently served prison term who get himself involved in a criminal world of vice city due to a failed drug transaction. It highlights Tommy’s journey in taking over the city and asserting his authority in the criminal world of Vice City. On his way he meets most interesting characters starting with corrupt politicians and ending with rival gang leaders and insane entrepreneurs. The plot of the game is rich and very unpredictable with elements of humor and drama interwoven into the huge story of the criminal world of Vice City.


Tommy Vercetti is the protagonist of the game and the story is set in Vice City where the main purpose is to gain control and influence the city after Tomato Forelli turned against him. The protagonists’ role is the main character, Tommy, who becomes assigned various missions by several characters. The focal concept entails a retributive theme where a character, Tommy, seeks to revenge himself on those who have let him down, and it happened at a large geographical yard that is not confined. You can also download GTA IV: Complete Edition Free Download.

Now let us briefly turn to the most remarkable feature of the GTA Vice City that can be described as the aspect of the game which enables players to invest in in-game assets and properties which, in turn, help them to earn more money in the game. These properties are useful due to their safety, ability to act as first points of contact with tenants, and use as car spaces. However, some of the ability can be purchased with experience points, while others must be bought for real currency in exchange for the realism of the nightclubs, cab companies, and strip clubs that gamers can also buy.

Along with linear missions, there are often storylines that the players can take part in as a side quest or extra events. Such activities include triggering of looting, police chasing, acting as taxis, and many others. The flow of the city is such that there is free mobility and traversal around the island as well as vehicular control of different vehicles such as cars, boats, and helicopters.


There is a set of guns and bombs included in the game, which necessarily differ in some parameters and feel. In the same respect, the gameplay mechanics allow the user to attack various sections of the opponent’s body thus giving users a more credible fight feel. The environment of the game is Vice City, which is a large city that stretches from coastline to the swamp and offers the facilities of wealthy and the poor districts. You can also download Resident Evil 4 Free Download.

Among the constituents of the game Grand Theft Auto Vice City, the music collection is perhaps the best known. It consists of exaggerated vocal numbers from famous artists of the eighties like Michael Jackson, Toto, Duran Duran and others. The game provides a variety of radio stations tailored to present different music tracks and comments, which contributes to the interactive experience of the game.

In summary, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City belongs to a series of car theft games called Grand Theft Auto. The game was made unique by its interesting plot, huge space of the game area and nontrivial use of music. Among its strong selling points it has a special and it is a vehicle that can obtain assets. I have gained fun and entertainment as a result of playing the game due to its engaging environment, a diverse range of characters, and an interesting plot which makes it one of the most enjoyable and replayable games in its particular category.


GTA Vice City System Requirements

OS: Windows 2000/XP

Processor: Intel 1.2 GHz

Graphics: 32 MB video card

DirectX: Version 9.0c

Memory: 128 MB RAM

Storage: 1 GB available space

Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 compatible

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  • Play and Enjoy the game.
  • Make Sure to run the game as an administrator.
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