Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare


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Genres: Action/Shooting

Developer/Publisher: Sledgehammer Games/Activision

Modes: Single-player/Multiplayer

Languages: RUS/ENG

Original Size: 30.5 GB

Repack Size: 22.1 GB

About The Game:

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare stands as a pivotal entry in the iconic Call of Duty series, pushing the boundaries of the first-person shooting genre with its futuristic setting and innovative gameplay. Developed by Sledgehammer Games and released in 2014, this title offers players a gripping glimpse into the realm of future warfare, where technology and tactics have evolved to create a new era of combat.

The Narrative Drive:

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare transports players to the mid-21st century, a time marked by the rise of powerful private military companies (PMCs). The game’s narrative centers around Jack Mitchell, a former U.S. Marine who joins the ranks of Atlas Corporation, the largest PMC on the planet, led by the enigmatic Jonathan Irons, portrayed by Academy Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey. Irons’ portrayal brings a level of gravitas and complexity to the story, enhancing the emotional depth of the narrative.

The campaign is a carefully crafted mix of personal tragedy and geopolitical intrigue, pushing players to confront questions about power, surveillance, and the role of private military forces in global conflicts. The rich storyline is bolstered by cinematic cutscenes and dynamic voice acting, making each mission not only a challenge but a chapter in a gripping tale of future warfare.


Gameplay Evolution:

Where Advanced Warfare truly innovates is in its gameplay. The introduction of the exoskeleton – a sophisticated combat suit that grants superhuman abilities – revolutionizes how players engage in battles. The Exo suits provide enhanced strength, speed, and agility, along with abilities such as cloaking, hovering, and deploying portable covers. This gear fundamentally changes the dynamics of combat, encouraging a more vertical and fast-paced playstyle that distinguishes it from its predecessors.

The game also includes a wide array of futuristic weapons and gadgets, including directed-energy weapons, smart grenades that track targets, and drones for both surveillance and attack. These tools add layers of strategy and excitement to the combat scenarios, allowing players to approach challenges in multiple ways.

Multiplayer Reinvention:

Advanced Warfare also significantly alters the landscape of Call of Duty multiplayer experiences. The exoskeleton capabilities are seamlessly integrated into multiplayer modes, bringing new life to the competitive aspect of the game. Players can customize their exo suits with different abilities, tailoring their combat style to suit various roles on the battlefield.

The multiplayer maps are designed to take full advantage of the new movement mechanics, with vertical structures and open layouts that encourage high-flying action and tactical gameplay. Classic modes like Team Deathmatch and Capture the Flag are joined by new additions like Uplink, where players compete to control a satellite drone and score points by sending it into the opponent’s goal.


Visual and Audio Fidelity:

Graphically, Advanced Warfare is a showcase of the capabilities of next-generation consoles, delivering stunning visuals and highly detailed environments. The facial animation system, in particular, is noteworthy for its realism, especially in rendering emotions and expressions of characters like Jonathan Irons. The sound design is equally impressive, with an immersive audio landscape that enhances the realism of futuristic combat. The soundtrack, composed by Harry Gregson-Williams, adds to the intensity and atmosphere of the game, encapsulating the high stakes and adrenaline of warfare.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is more than just a continuation of a successful series; it is a bold step forward. It combines a compelling narrative with groundbreaking gameplay innovations and top-tier production values to deliver a truly immersive and futuristic combat experience. For fans of the series and newcomers alike, Advanced Warfare offers a fresh and exciting take on the first-person shooter genre, making it a must-play title that redefines what Call of Duty games can be.


Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare System Requirements

OS: 64-bit Windows 7/8.1/10

Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 or better.

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 Ti or better.

RAM: 4 GB.

Storage: 15 GB.

Sound/DirectX 11/Internet/SSD/Microphone

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  • Play and Enjoy the game.
  • Make Sure to run the game as an administrator.
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